Compliments & Complaints


Customer relationship management 


All issues, opinions, suggestions, questions and feedback while availing AfriKonekta’s Services shall be communicated to us through the following email: address [email protected]. To submit a complaint/complement or receive immediate assistance, you can contact us via the contact us form or contact our customer support team. One of our operators will reply as soon as possible. Please also visit our FAQs page, Terms and conditions and Conditions of Sale pages for more comprehensive guidance on online feedback/reviews or any assistance of some sort.


Important details when submiting a complaint


If you do not need assistance with your journey but wish to make a complaint because you have found that our service is not in line with the general conditions of sale, terms and conditions or the service  conditions of sale, please attach thefollowing information to your complaint:

   - identification details of the passenger and any representative, the journey made or planned and a copy of your ticket. The turnaround time is one month. Within one month, you will be notified of the receipt of your complaint and its outcome. Please also note that the time taken to provide a final response shall not exceed three months from receipt of the complaint.



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